dimanche 22 mars 2009

Welcome in Maastricht!

Hello everybody, as you can see i will write in english right now because it's better for everybody lol! So escuse me for my bad english, i hope you will understand a little bit...

Yesterday morning Cyrille and me left Maastricht after so beautifull moments in this place with amazing people!!! I'm thinking about Anna-Linda and all her friends of the "Community Factory" in this huge building in Maastricht!! And i'm also thinking of Timo from Germany, thank you man for your welcome of you and your friends in your house!

If you go to Maastricht you MUST see the "community factory", it's so Big! It's the bigest community that i ever saw, people who live there are artists, musicians, students, and their objective is to live in a system of peace and divide.

At the end of the afternoon on friday we were searching a place to sleep with Cyrille, and we passed in front of a strange place with people who played guitar next to this metal dragon, so we talked with them and they invited us to stay here for the night, that was very cool from them to invite us to stay here with them, but at this moment we didn't know the big surprise that we will have to see this building and people who live there...

At the first time i saw this "caravane living-room", and then i told me that we were in a place of artists, and i like it!

After i saw this, and then my eyes told me "WWAAOOUU DUDE IT'S SO COOL!!!"
So i continued my travel into their building, and every where i walked i saw a new artistic creation...it's incredible

After that, Anna-Linda, a girl who live there since 7 months asked us to visit all the building, so we sayed "yes sure!", and the real travel begin...

So we bounded up the stairs with her and we saw at every floor some different interesting creation, like this floor where live a man of 70 years old who make and build machine to take water under the ground for african people, and i think that is a faboulus project for them, i let you see this...

I don't know exactely what is this, i suppose that is a toy for children like a "tobogan" as we say in french.

After this floor we arrived in a student meeting with people who where speaking about the "power of the present"! We didn't understand all they sayed but believe me it was very funny to be there with them to think about the present's power after more than 400 km by bike lol...i sayed think because at this time we didn't have enough power to talk lol!

After this we continued our way to the top of the building, where it is a special place to make sound, that's so unik to play music into the top of a building like this, up there the look is FANTASTIC believe me...

So we go up on the roof of the building, and that was fucking SICK!!!! I was scary but it was so huge to be there lol! Look at this pics, you can't see very well the height but it's big!

Anna-linda gave us a beautifull piano's concert, she play very well piano, for the history this "piano a queue" come from the street, incredible!

And the visit finished by this super idea who cames real for them, they created a "free shop" behind the building, you can go there and take what you need because it's free! All in this free shop come from donation of people who don't use their objects, books, closes etc. There you can find kitchen's utensils, clothes, books and many things, for this you can say a big "BRAVO" to their community!

And this is a picture wich is a good representation of their life's style, this is W.C for men with a manual system to push water to wash toilet lol.

Also, Big thanks to you Timo for this good night in your house, that was really relaxing for me and Cyrille, hope to see you and take more time to know each others, see ya bro!

And for the "Action of the day", that is the result of my crash 10 km before to arrive in Maastricht lol!

Thank you all of you for your support, i just arrived in Muenster this afternoon, i'm in Anna's home, a couchsurfer's friend too.

I took the train with my bike this morning from Venlo to Muenster in Germany because i hurt my knee, i'll go to hospital tomorrow maybe.

At this moment Cyrille must be on his bike to meet again me here in Muenster.

A little pics from Maastricht when we left this beautifull town with many souvenirs!

And this is a good fish from Maasbracht. See you evrybody, and thanks again for your coms!

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  1. Yeah i hope you can continue the adventure....;)

  2. looks a nice place to be, enjoy your trip bro.

  3. I'm buying a cycle tomorow !
    And what about the physical condition ? It is not too hard ? Keep your chin up ! Hold on my man.
    Peace !

  4. hello les dude felicitation, et bon courage pour la suite

  5. Bon courage Laurent! Félicitations pour ce super voyage à vélo. Quels mollets tu vas avoir (si ce n'est pas déjà fait).