lundi 23 mars 2009

From Maastricht to Muenster (Germany)

Hello dear friends! We are in germany since yesterday, we are in Anna's home, who is a cool contact of couchsurfing.

Yesterday i had to take the train with my bike from Venlo to Muenster because of my knee, i hurt my leg so i couldn't do bycicling anymore yesterday...

Cyrille did the way lonely from Venlo to Muenster with his bike, you can be proud of him because he did a lot of miles, exactely 180 km!!! I can tell you that is a HUGE performance!!

But before to arrive in Germany we had to do some bike during 2 days, and our first night in our tente! That was a cool experience, and i don't know why but this night there was a strange emotion between us, maybe the begining of a long love

I forgot to tell you something funny of this first night in the nature, we were in the night searching a place to put our tente, and a man told us that there was a camping near, so we searched the camping and with many luck we found it!

There were light but nobody, we ring at the entrance but nobody too, so we decided to go in the camping without autorisation.

We found a good place to put our tente and we eat inside!

So the day after i took the train lonely from Venlo to Maastricht, and i had a beautifull surprise lol: " POLIZEI CONTROLE"!!!

First they asked me if i had any drugs with me, i sayed "no" and they sayed "open all your bags" lol.

After they put outside of my bags all my luggages and clothes, they took my I.D and called a phone polizei service to know more about me...

That was a fun experience, during 30 minutes i was like a fucking gangster dude lol!!

But sorry polizei, my lonely drug is Adrenaline!

And i finish this report by this fabulous picture of our delicious breakfast of this morning in Muenster, just take a look, it was so good!

Kiss everybody, see you in the next few days, i think about all my friends and my parents who are always supporting me, thanks to all of you and i wish you'll continue to follow our road trip! Bye bye!

3 commentaires:

  1. Epaté par votre énergie. Bravo pour vos photos qui nous font suivre votre aventure, sympas tous ces gens qui vous héberge en toute amitié...A demain, P'pa

  2. C bon ça tu fais ça bien!!!!
    Petit report en anglais et tout et tout...bien
    Et finalement tu as gérer comment pour ta roue?
    Allez a bientôt et bon courage pour la suite!!!

  3. C'est moi qui ai dit aux flics qu'un dangereux exhibitionniste s'était échappé de bsd ... Si vous passez à Copenhague ... je vous conseille d'aller faire un tour dans le quartier de Christiania c'est la communauté libre de Copenhague. Passez une nuit là bas, vu comme la communauté de Maastricht t'a branché, ça devrait te plaire !!!!!